The Faces in the Crowd have been illustrated to reflect, present and celebrate a culture of global citizens who have transcended their own identity of colour and adversity into the social justice of rights and opportunity of hope to all. The Faces in the Crowd are part of a wider celebration of citizens of the world who, by their selfless struggle and sacrifice, have given much in providing inspirational hope and aspirational achievement through their extraordinary feats.

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The Faces In The Crowd collection captures heroes of 20th century culture and is now available as a range of products which can be used by groups or individuals  to create income for their own community projects, clubs and organisations.


Customisable using over 150 inspirational illustrations the Faces in the Crowd collection has global appeal and celebrates key events and figures of history.

BHM Rosa Parks Print


Black History Month Collage

BHM Politics


BHM Arts


BHM Sports


BHM Civil Rights


Faces In The Crowd Calenders


Faces In The Crowd Teaching Cards (Set of 60)


Faces In The Crowd Collage


A selection of over 100 Prints to choose from


Faces In The Crowd Prints

Muhammed Ali Print


Faces In The Crowd Prints

John Lennon Print


Faces In The Crowd Prints

Heroes of Jazz Print


Faces In The Crowd

Sketch Book


Faces In The Crowd



Faces In The Crowd

Gift Wrap



Inner City Exhibitions

In-Schools Exhibitions



John Coltrane


Kool Herc

Lenny Henry

Gift Of Gab

Louis Armstrong

Gill Scott Heron (x2)

Scratch Lee Perry

Jimmy Hendrix

Ken Dodd

Bob Marley (x 5)

John Lennon (x 2)

Al Green

Oscar Peterson

Bruce Lee

Peter Tosh

Nina Simone



Artie Shaw

Marvin Gaye

John La Rose

Crazy Legs (x2)

Bob Dylan

Erica Badu

Jane Jacobs

Amy Winehouse

Richard Prior





Bille King

Jessica Ennis

Usain Bolt

Chris Hoy

Bradley Wiggins

David Wier

Shanaze Reade

Serena Williams

David Beckham

Venus Williams

Michael Jordan and Larry Bird

Muhammed Ali (x5)

Tommie Smith

John Carlos

Arthur Ashe

Frankie Fredericks

Abedi Pele

Geoff Thompson (x4)

Janice Argyle (x3)


Bill Skankly

John Barnes

Amir Khan

Baby Jake

Bobby Moore


Kelly Holmes

Kip Kieno

Martina Navratilova

Musa Otieno

Maria Mutola

Kwame Nkrumah

Penny heynes

Haile Gebreselassie

Derarta Tula

Miruts Yifter

Chester Williams

Marion Jones



Politics / Civil rights Campaigners:


Carter G Woodson

Barack Obama

AB Desmond Tutu

Princess Diana (x 2)

Marcus Garvey

CLR James


Leon Trotsky

Elenor Roosevelt

Nelson Mandella (x 3)

Martin Luther King (x3)

Malcom X (x3)

Mother Teresa

Angela Davis

Queen Mother Mary Moore

Rosa Parks (x2)

Sally Mugabe

Margeret Thatcher

Steve Biko




Niel Armstrong

Stephen Hawkin


Leonardo Di Vinci


Lives Lost:


Benji Stanley

Jessie James

Anthony Walker

Stephen Lawrence

Rhys Jones

Sophie Lancaster

Victoria Climbie

Damilola Taylor



Gang Soldier

Masked Gunman

Vietnam War Youth

Peace Keepers

Tiananmen Square Martyr


Kenya Tribesmen

Japanese dancer

Inuit Women

Female British gunner



Rugby Tackle

Rugby Touch


Collage Pieces:


Faces In The Crowd Collage

Heroes Of Music Collage

Heroes Of Sports Collage

Civil Rights Collage

Black History Month Collage

BHM Arts

BHM Sports

BHM Politics

BHM Civil Rights

Heroes of Jazz Collage

Garveyites Collage

Hearts and Minds Collage

Martin Luther King Piece

Nelson Mandella Piece

Jessie James Piece

Lives Lost Collage

Gill Scott Heron Piece

Gandhi Piece

John Lennon Liverpool 08 Piece

Bruce Lee Piece



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