Are you interested in... Investing in young people, Socially impacting anti-social youth culture behaviour, Providing apprenticeships and employment opportunities, A quantifiable and sustainable investment return, A win, win win, for your company, your workforce, for young people and society as a whole, Improving life in your community?


Then you should consider utilising the services of Youth Charter and our unique social marketing package.


By supporting Youth Charter (YC) you will be able to utilise sport as the focus for a wide range of projects that complement your corporate policy in the community.


Sport and the Arts have a positive image


They are of the most globally powerful marketing vehicles cutting across boundaries of age, sex, colour and belief


Your company will be clearly associated with the promotion


Encouragement of the country’s young people will be fundamental in helping to rebuild community pride and optimism.


Specific identification with high profile sporting personalities


An opportunity to develop an equally high profile PR campaign. YC has a pool of world class sports people who are prepared to support projects and make personal appearances at launches, openings, social functions etc.


Each social marketing project is developed to complement a desired level of investment and marketing strategy.

This is achieved with the assistance of the YC commercial arm – Pursuit of Excellence Ltd, who will provide professional expertise in the creation of an overall package tailored to your specific needs.


Throughout the year, Youth Charter will develop a number of exciting & innovative social concepts


These afford excellent opportunities for our corporate partners to enjoy a win, win, win investment return, benefiting the company, the community, workforce, society and most importantly the young people themselves.


An added benefit is that tax relief will normally be available as a justifiable business expense


There is also the newly developed Youth Charter Social Investment Bond, which provides tangible outputs and outcomes in the areas of education, health, social and civil order, the environment, vocation training, employment and enterprise. Quarterly and annual reports provide a unique service in the investment you make whether by marketing, special projects, HR or charitable investment


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