The Youth Charter’s Citizenship in Action programme was developed as part of the social and cultural legacy of the 2002 Commonwealth Games.  It is an umbrella initiative delivering the Youthwise programme to young people and communities locally and globally. It works to develop community cohesion and to empower young people to develop the capacity, leadership and skills to manage both their life chances and their communities.


Citizenship in Action recognises and reflects the global community acting locally with leadership and empowerment at the very heart of its aims and objectives. Related projects have a strong focus on education, health, social order and the environment. They are delivered using the social coach training programme.


The programme has the support of the commonwealth Secretariat, Commonwealth Games organising committee, the Commonwealth Games Federation as well as the Institute of Public Policy, the Citizenship Foundation and the representative agencies of the Governments of Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago, Bermuda, Barbados, south Africa, Ghana, Namibia, Nigeria. Guardian Media Group provides regular support and funding.


The Youth Charter Prospectus provides key information about the last 20 years of the Youth Charters activities and the packages, solutions and cultural offers the agency provides for Education, Community and Business. Download the PDF version.



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