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    The Youth Charter Scroll is the symbol of our philosophy, mission aims and objectives in recognition of individuals and organisations that work with young people and communities globally.

    Over a quarter of a century the Youth Charter ambassadors reflect the sporting, cultural and artistic inspiration of their chosen field and have signed the Youth Charter Scroll in support of our work.

    Youth Charter Programes

    The Youthwiseprogramme launched in 1997 has inspired all of our sporting, cultural and artistic learning in the classroom, the playground and beyond the school gate.

    Youth Charter Report

    Click here to access the YC reports and policy submission documents.

    Youth Charter Projects

    The Community Campus project is a model that delivers a network of facilities that provides the opportunity for young people to have ’Somewhere to go’, ’Something to do’ and ’Someone to show them’.


    “I feel extremely privileged to work in partnership with YCSCA, which for the last ten years has campaigned and promoted the value of sport as a way of socially including and developing young people for life.”

    Marlene Amoo Sport England, BME Regional Development & Training Manager

    “Youth Charter has been an invaluable partner of the Ali Insititute since 2006. The international Learning Journey is an integral part of the Muhammed Ali Scholars Program, the Ali Institute’s signature initiative. Your hosting of our students in 2006 and 2010 in the U.K was impeccable.

    Stacy Bailey-Ndiaye Executive Director, Muhammad Ali Institute, Louisville, Kentucky

    “We achieved a very high level of Press coverage and from a public relations perspective we were delighted with our association with the YCS. Perhaps the highlight of our partnership was the Manchester Olympic Bid in Monaco, followed by the successful Manchester 2002 Commonwealth Games Bid in Bermuda.”

    Sue Redmond British Airways Communications Manager, North of England

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