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Citizenship in Action Croydon, in conjunction with Land Securities Trillium, will provide an after school session programme of sport, arts and positive activity to compliment the classroom attainment learning. The weekly sessions will compliment each schools existing curriculum learning and activity.



As part of Defra Climate Change awareness campaign, Youth Charter’s Carbonwise programme explains to the children about global warming and what your carbon footprint means. It brings awareness of their current and future role in protecting the environment. Other activities include basketball, soccer and rugby all helping the children learn about the importance of teamwork and fitness towards healthy living. Citizenship curriculum learning through music is also covered with graffiti art and a Carbon Rap delivered as part of the fun packed day.

Sponsored by Europe’s leading property company, Land Securities Trillium, Croydon Citizenship in Action showcased the Youth Charters 15 years of work in some of the most challenging school and community environments locally, nationally and internationally.