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Citizenship in Action Salford, in conjunction with Land Securities Trillium, will provide an after school session programme of sport, arts and positive activity to compliment the classroom attainment learning. The weekly sessions will compliment each schools existing curriculum learning and activity.



Project Summary

On-going dialogue with TOXTETH LIVERPOOL City Council education development to re-establish on-going 7 year effort to date of an intergenerational educational and cultural community based learning experience through sport and the arts in the area of Granby - Toxteth.


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One of the biggest challenges facing society today is how to continue to further the momentum achieved by sport in supporting the delivery of the Government's wider social policy. Competition from other leisure and lifestyle activities presents a number of challenges to the traditional sporting pastimes.

To meet these challenges, rugby has recognised the need to be more inclusive and diverse in its attraction to young people from rural, suburban and urban communities.

In 1994 the RFU, as a leading governing body of sport, recognised that a greater emphasis on its role as a social vehicle of change in the lives of young people and the wider community was required. The Youth Charter became the catalyst for this area of work and over the last 12 years has provided the advocacy, support and a better understanding of the language and culture that exists within the community. This assists, as well as formulates, the RFU's current policy and activity at all levels of the game.

The Youth Charter's work over the last 12 years has included the social coach training and development of the RFU's Rugby Development Officers (RDOs), providing them with the tools to re-enter the inner city communities. This has complemented the social inclusion projects and provided us with invaluable knowledge and experience that has now seen the all-important link made with rugby's grass root development and wider community programmes.

The knowledge and experience gained helped the RFU work towards meeting its future strategic aims and objectives. At the Rugby Leader's Conference, held in April 2006, Inclusive Participation was identified as one of the RFU's key strategic areas.

As a result of this journey to date, the RFU has responded to the challenge of equality, diversity and inclusion in both a pro-active and reactive way, by agreeing to a 1% increase of representation at all levels of the game. The impact of this work will be measured against the equality standard framework for sport and the social inclusion community model now being developed by the Youth Charter.


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The report that led to the social policy changes that now see more resources invested in young people and communities through sport and the arts. Social inclusion and regeneration projects and programmes, case studies along with invaluable insights into voluntary and agency activity in this challenging but rewarding work. A must tool for public / private sector inclusion and regeneration agencies.