So many of our young people are exposed to gang culture, crime and exclusion at an early age; disengaged, unmotivated and uninspired. For some there seems there is no positive alternative. Your contributions enable the Youth Charter to continue to provide somewhere to go, something to and someone to show them in order for young people to achieve, succeed and develop in life to reach their full potential…Your donations save lives.

Your donation will go towards equipping and empowering the young the Youth Charter is committed to helping globally and locally.

For evidence of the impact your donations will have, please see the Citizenship in Action Projects and Youthwise Programmes sections of the Youth Charter website.

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Are you interested in... Investing in young people, Socially impacting anti-social youth culture behaviour, Providing apprenticeships and employment opportunities, A quantifiable and sustainable investment return, A win, win win, for your company, your workforce, for young people and society as a whole, Improving life in your community?

service packages

The Local Authority Package for Citizenship in Action provides 4 levels of interactive training and support. What suppliments these packages are over 150 real life case studies from 5 continents in some of the most challenging youth and community settings.

The workshops will equip, enable and empower you to deliver better behaviour and better performance in both Policy antoung people and the community.